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My name is Marco Viola, I was born and live in S. Eraclio di Foligno, in Umbria and I am proud to say that I am a farmer.
I love my land deeply because it is from it that I have received and still receive all that I know and possess. The greatest gift my family has passed down to me is the passion I put in the cultivation of the olive trees that grow on the hills near my village and that have for centuries clung to the clefts in the rock.
I can't remember when I first felt attracted to this job but I instinctively chose it.
I grew up in contact with nature, enjoying the colours of my land, and day after day I have learnt to love it.
My choices have always been guided by a strong sense of admiration for those who have made a lot of sacrifices to grow olives and have devoted themselves fully to farming.
My childhood memories are connected with the various phases of the cultivation of olive trees: the care of the groves, the hope during the flowering season, the cheerful voices and songs of the harvesters and the fragrance of the new oil at the mill.
I am proud of my origins, but this is not enough to produce high quality oil.
To get this result it is necessary to adopt ethical behaviour, acting in a fair way and taking care of the environment and consumers' rights.
That's why I have chosen organic farming which is based on respect for the land and in keeping with my life philosophy.
I am sure that all we give to nature will be given back to us as a precious gift, and that's why when I chose organic farming I didn't think of our public image and I didn't just aim to obtain a high classification, but I was mainly interested in the quality of our olive oil.
Organic fertilizing and traditional farming techniques are fundamental to have a high-quality crop together with the right balance between the olive tree and the environment.
Here is the secret of our Firm: every single bottle of our olive oil has a history of its own.
It is the result of a hard year's work which begins in the olive grove and ends in the oil mill. The cultivation, harvest and processing of the olives are carried out following our family traditions and all contribute to make an oil for a customer who is very selective and able to appreciate its fragrance and taste which are the flavour of Umbria.
The organoleptic features of this product are unique and cannot be reproduced artificially.
The existence of my farm is not fortuitous.
Only in this land we can make this excellent olive oil obtained from autochthonous trees grown on rocky soil.
Our typical Umbrian olive oil is appreciated all over the world and is the result of a mix of nature and knowledge. The perseverance and great care in the olive pressing, the accurate selection of the varietals, the very short interval between the harvest and the pressing, all contribute to achieve excellent results. The best way to produce a high-quality olive oil is to process sound fruits without altering their nutritional and organoleptic features.
The new high tech machines, used in all the production phases, can help to improve the quality of the final product. My extra virgin olive oil has great character and unique qualities which are the expression of this land.
My firm has been awarded many national and international prizes, but what matters most to me is the positive opinion of my wide and exacting clientele.
The land has nourished our roots and it still preserves the secrets which have allowed us to grow and change year after year.
Passion, love and devotion to my land give me the strength necessary to reach higher and higher goals. I must thank my family for believing in me and supporting me in my job which, day after day, is becoming a marvellous dream. They have given me strength and firmness and I have been able to go on because I know I am not alone.
Ex pluribus unum.

Marco Viola