valori nutrizionali olio

Nutritional and healty values

The high quality oil extracted from olives has very ancient origins. It is a typical product of the Mediterranean area and it has been known since the time of ancient Greece, where it was also used as an emollient for the skin. Currently, the extra virgin olive oil is mostly used as a food ingredient, mainly because it has the right balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that allow the body to assimilate it better. For this reason, doctors and nutritionists recommend it in every diet, especially in the Mediterranean one, as it contains substances - such as vitamin E and polyphenols - that are powerful antioxidants and, as such, fight cellular aging and prevent the occurrence of some forms of cancer. The extra virgin olive oil is a natural fat, mainly made up of triglycerides, and it is one of the best dressings, as it helps to lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) on blood. Furthermore, it ensures high digestibility by stimulating the enzymes in our intestinal wall. Since it is easy to digest, it is particularly suitable for children, pregnant women, sportsmen, and, in general, for those who want to have a healthy and balanced diet.